Me, me and more me!

So, I’m Natty, I’ve hit my 30s (just), I’ve a wonderful husband who I’ve been with since we finished high school, I’ve two beautiful daughters. Lily is 2.5, going on 15, my independent, demanding, funny, loving but sometimes stubborn (what toddler isn’t) eldest and Rose, my milk drunk 8 week old, who loves to smile even at a blank wall.

I still feel about 17, and then remember that it now takes at least 30 mins to leave the house just to go and buy milk with the tribe.

I live in Wales, although my Welsh is shocking, I love the area I live in and the job I have as family support worker in areas of deprivation is tough but rewarding. Can’t bring myself to say I’m missing it while on mat leave though!

I had a real struggle with anxiety after I had Lily and did not leave the house for 3 months, I sought help from mental health services and came through it eventually, this was probably the most difficult time of my life, although my husband Anthony was amazing as we’re my family I felt soooo alone. I’d always been one of those who ‘snubbed’ mental health and been ignorant towards it but it never felt so real when things went down hill for me. I look back now and can appreciate what I went through, although no two people experience the same, only I know what happened to me, I will never ever ‘brush off’ mental health again, it still makes me feel sick to think of the way I was. I hope this time round things will be much more positive

Anyway as I said in my first post, I have no idea what blogging is about, I just want to get my thoughts out there. There’s many ideas I have got and hopefully a mixed bag of the positive mixed with the rants! And hope that if anyone actually reads my posts that they are of some interest. I love a good debate or discussion, deep conversations and always up for a laugh (even at myself). I enjoy the thought of exercising and often picture myself running a half marathon but the reality is I’m far too lazy. Box set marathons are more my kind of thing, with a box or chocolates and a Diet Coke.

Saying that…. I may as well write my goals for 2019…..

  • Eat less crap
  • Move more (I’m planning to do HIIT sessions 3 times a week )
  • Drink more water- I live on lemonade and Diet Coke
  • Read more – something I’ve not done in 15 years

I realise these are probably very ambitions especially with the kids but I’m going to make a conscious effort to achieve these challenges, I’ve nothing to lose at all by trying, and hopefully my mental health will remain stable and positive.

Here’s to hoping for a more positive 2019 and I hope to become a part of the blogging community. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated 🙂


A blog, a diary or something else??? What do I want?!

At 3 am this morning I thought it was a marvellous idea to begin a blog! I began getting excited at the thought of writing about different things and made a short list of things I’d like to write about. The reality soon kicked in (at 8am) when waking up thinking about my first post, so I googled a few things and then became terrified, what am I writing, what is a blog? What do I want from it? Would it just become a diary? (Even with a toddler and a new born I’m not sure it would be worth the read bears on my ability to write.) or a place to just write my thoughts, ideas and experiences?? I’m finding it all a bit daunting at the mo.

When googling it was all about marketing, ‘traffic’, getting myself out there on social media, I’m not sure I want these things, or if I’m ready for these things just yet, so for now I’m just going to use this as a space to empty my mind. I can’t promise it will be remotely interesting but I’m going to treat this as something for me.

I also created a list of ‘Goals’ for 2019 at the same silly hour. I don’t believe is New Years resolutions for a minute, but I’d like to set myself some realistic challenges for this year. One of them goals was to read more, not the typical newspaper or celeb mag but books, blogs and content to occupy and inspire myself.

I hope with this goal that my writing will improve, my ideas will be thought provoking and I can become apart of this online community and truly understand blogging!

If you’ve stuck with me and read until now, then apologies for the boring first post, I know it’s hardly ‘capturing an audience’ but I’m giving this a go and trying something new- please bear with!